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Bespoke Windows in Sussex

Bespoke Handmade Windows

At Sussex Oak Joinery we create handmade windows here in our workshop in Sussex to match your individual requirements. We not only use Oak but also any hardwood or softwood you may require. 


We create bespoke handmade windows from the highest quality timber and oak. Once the manufacturing process is completed in our workshop we then install the windows in your home.

Whether part of a renovation project, extension or just to replace existing windows, we create items in a full range of timber options and will match the style of your property whilst taking into account your individual requirements.

box frame windows, chichester

Why Us?

With exceptional craftsmanship and the finest locally sourced materials we produce the highest of quality handmade doors.

We have have over 20 years experience in Joinery and Carpentry and have supplied doors to customers all over Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

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