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Why you should seriously consider Timber Frame for self-build projects

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Today we have been thinking a lot about the benefits of timber framing. A lot of people are unaware of the advantages to using timber frame construction so we thought we would outline some of them below. We think the benefits speak for themselves 

1. Accurately Engineered

Manufactured under factory controlled conditions, timber frame components are an engineered product, and the structure is highly accurate. This simplifies the erection process on site, with accurate components fitting together exactly as they were designed and specified.


2. Light to Transport

While timber frame components are strong, they are relatively lightweight and easy to transport. This makes timber frame particularly suitable for remote sites and also for sites where ground conditions would not permit a heavier form of construction.


3. Speedy to Construct

In ideal conditions, a timber frame home can be wind and watertight within two to three days and can be finished in as little as eight to ten weeks. Once wind and watertight, other trades can carry on with their work regardless of the weather. A real bonus in avoiding costly delays due to our unpredictable climate.


4. Highly Insulated

Because timber frame homes are highly insulated as standard they are very energy efficient - indeed considerably more energy efficient than current Building Regulations demand. This means that timber frame homes are economic to run, heating up quickly and retaining there heat for longer.


5. Strong and Durable

A timber frame house is long lasting, comparing well with all other standard forms of modern construction. It will easily last the 60 years plus which is the requirement of institutions such as insurers and building societies.


6. Straightforward to Finance

Timber frame construction is recognised by building societies, banks and insurance companies for lending purposes. Indeed, many lenders offer stage payment schemes specially designed for self-builders.


7. A "Greener" Way to Build

The energy efficiency of timber frame makes it the environmentally friendly way to build and the system relies on renewable softwoods from well managed forests and uses only CFC free insulation. Finally, the amount of energy taken to produce timber components - their "embodied energy" - is much less than that of plastic, steel or concrete alternatives.


8. Beautiful to Look At

Sometimes people think timber frame is only right for low rise construction such as bungalows. While timber frame is highly successful in this type of building, it can be used for almost any type of house design - from cosy bungalows to multi story flats - and can be clad in any standard finish, such as tile, timber, render, stone or brick. All over the developed world timber frame is being used to build beautiful exciting homes.

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